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More than a haircut, a relaxation experience. 

Christina from Caerus Groming

What lacks the most in the men’s grooming industry? This is a question I’ve asked my clients throughout my many years of experience in the grooming industry. The answer is always the same:

  • Consistency.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Effective communication between clients and their stylist.

CAERUS Grooming fills this void and offers the best grooming service you’ve been looking for. You will leave with a clean-cut and with a relaxation experience that few can emulate.

Say goodbye to a lackadaisical grooming experience and book an appointment with CAERUS Grooming today.


Gentlemen’s  CUTS

Your hairstyle reflects who you are. I make sure your haircut fits your lifestyle while educating you on maintenance so you can always look your best.

Beard  TRIM

Facial hair is a form of self-expression and personal style. I’m here to offer the best on beard maintenance.


This is perfect for in-between haircuts. A clean-up around the perimeter of the hairline and back of the neck to maintain a clean look.

Relaxation  ONLY

Perfect if no haircut is needed, but relaxation is. Or if you have a dedicated barber, but want to relax! Face, Neck, and Scalp massage.

Children’s  CUTS

Parents want their children, no matter what age, to feel comfortable during their salon experience. I look forward to servicing them as well! These are some of my favorite services!


Most stylist offer a wonderful first visit and nothing beyond that. I see first visits as a stepping stone towards establishing stylist-client rapport. My goal is to work together to create a maintenance plan to ensure you are always looking your best. While it can be difficult to keep a consistent clean look, I will make sure that you look sharp even in between services. I will continuously check in with you throughout our visits to ensure you are happy with your style. If any issues or desire for change arise, we will work through them together.

My aim is not to have a quick in and out session, but rather a session where you leave knowing more about your hair than when you first came in.

I look forward to servicing you!


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